What Makes Infrared better?

Infrared heat is a direct, warm, penetrating heat. All living beings radiate infrared heat. With this
type of heat you get the same feeling as warming up to a fire, lying out in the sun, or when you get a hug from a really warm person. Not only does this therapeutic type of heat feel better, and is easier to breathe in, but it is much better for your health.

Traditionally, people have had to rely on hot air currents or convection heat in saunas at a very high temperature to make them sweat. Temperatures can go up to 220°! That makes the air very stuffy and very hard to breathe in. Some people have not even been able to sauna because of the feeling of suffocation. But now, with a Cedrus sauna, you can enjoy a sauna with therapeutic infrared heat. Infrared is a direct, therapeutic heat that heats you instead of the air. You can take a sauna at a much lower temperature, around 120°-140°, therefore you do not feel suffocated. Because people are able to use this type of sauna for a longer time, they are able to reap greater benefits than through the high temperature saunas.

For many years physical therapists have actively used infrared heat for medical treatments such as sore, achy, and injured muscles. The heat is usually applied directly to the body with an infrared heat lamp.

Full Spectrum International Inc. has taken this heat energy to a new level with their Cedrus Sauna’s far-infrared heaters. This is known as radiant heat, or long wave, far-infrared heat can penetrate into the skin about an inch and a half, to two inches deep. This amplifies all the health benefits you would get from a traditional sauna. This radiant, infrared heat, is the same heat many doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists recommend.

Cedrus saunas are also energy efficient. The cost to operate one is only pennies per hour. Since
the heaters heat you directly at a lower temperature, the life span of the heaters is considerably longer.
Full Spectrum International Inc. gives you a lifetime guarantee. A Cedrus sauna sets up very easily and quickly, without requiring any tools, plumbing or special wiring. They simply plug into a 110 outlet.

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