cedrus sauna health benefits

Relieves Daily Stress

For many of us our daily lives are very stressful. Maybe it’s a long drive on the freeway, or sitting too long at your desk, or somebody at work was nerve-wracking. You’ll be so delighted to come home to your Cedrus sauna and melt away the day’s stress or take away your tension headache. Relaxing in your Cedrus Sauna will sooth your nerves and relax tight muscles

Play your favorite relaxation music on the built in CD player, or maybe listen to talk radio. Keep your favorite books handy so you can spend some quiet time reading. Don't forget to bring some water to replenish lost fluids. You'll come out of the sauna relaxed as if you just spent a day at the spa.


Relieves Pain

Your Cedrus sauna’s far-infrared heat relieves pain by dilating blood vessels and increasing circulation. Better circulation allows for more oxygen to reach sore areas of the body, helps reduce pain, and speed up the healing process. Medical studies have shown far-infrared heat to be successful treatment for arthritis, rheumatism, and muscle spasms. Also with detoxification, inflammation can be reduced. Inflammation of the muscles, joints and tendons is the major cause of discomfort. As a natural anti-inflammatory, deep, soothing, far-infrared heat has been known to provide great relief. Infrared heat gets the blood circulating to the affected area and in no time you're feeling loose, relaxed and able to move again. Cedrus Sauna can possibly decrease or eliminate the need for pain medication. We all know that some of these medications have very harmful side effects, which include damaging the liver and/or kidneys. The best part of all is that while your pain is being relieved, you are experiencing other health benefits at the same time. Many folks these days suffering from fybromialgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can finally find some relief as well. Jobs, sports, exercise, or daily workouts can cause pain due to the build up of lactic acid in the muscles. Your Cedrus Sauna's far-infrared heat eliminates lactic acid. Whatever the cause of your pain, with your Cedrus Sauna you can relieve it.


Boosts Immune System

Your Cedrus sauna will boost your immune system by creating an artificial fever. Hyperthermia can fight off viruses, infections and bacteria.  As a result, your immune system is made stronger and more capable of keeping you healthy. Building a strong immune system is not only good for fighting off a cold and the flu, but it helps with long term degenerative diseases as well. Many degenerative diseases are manifested or accelerated by poor immune systems.  



Burns Calories

While you enjoy relaxing in your Cedrus Sauna, your body is busy burning calories. You can burn up to 900 calories in one sauna session! Because a Cedrus Sauna uses deep penetrating heat, you are not only sweating water weight, but you are sweating out fat that is trapped below the skin. You will notice that your sweat is oily because you’re burning off fat. This helps reduce cellulite. These fat cells are also where most of your toxins are stored. Heating of the tissues also enhances metabolic processes. Add a healthy diet and exercise and you're on your way to a healthy life style! Let's face it – losing weight is about numbers…burn more calories than you take in! After your exercise routine, why not relax in your Cedrus Sauna and continue to burn calories. In your Cedrus Sauna, your body responds as if you are performing an aerobic exercise. Your heart and lungs are working at an accelerated rate and you begin to detoxify your body.


Strengthens Cardiovascular System

One session in your Cedrus Sauna is equivalent to an hour of strenuous exercise as far as your heart is concerned. When you sauna, your heart is pumping to increases blood flow, causing perspiration production to cool itself improving overall cardiovascular fitness. The heart is a muscle and needs to keep exercising. That's why athletes rarely experience heart disease. With millions of people suffering from heart disease, we need to do all we can to prevent it. Increasing your heart rate and blood flow helps improve heart health. While safely dilating blood vessels, you'll be keeping your blood pressure down at the same time. Doctors recommend thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least three times per week in order to maintain a healthy heart. This can be experienced in your Cedrus Sauna without the trauma to sensitive muscles and joints. For those who are unable to perform regular physical exercise, the Cedrus Sauna is the perfect answer to still receiving a great cardiovascular workout!


Improves Circulation

Cedrus saunas enhance circulation which oxygenates the tissues. Blood circulation speeds up the process of bringing nutrients to your cells and helps with the removal of toxins and wastes. Poor circulation may cause cramping, varicose veins, and even wounds that don't heal. There are three main parts to the circulatory system:
 Pulmonary circulation (lungs)
 Coronary circulation (heart)
 Systemic circulation (entire body)
Pulmonary circulation is the movement of blood to and from the heart and lungs. Your heart pumps waste-filled blood to your lungs where the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place. The fresh, oxygen-rich blood enters the pulmonary veins and returns to the heart… where it again journeys throughout the body. Coronary circulation refers to the movement of blood through the tissues of the heart. Serious heart damage may occur if the heart tissue does not receive a normal supply of food and oxygen. The heart receives nourishment through the capillaries. Systemic circulation supplies nourishment to the tissue located throughout the balance of your body. The blood vessels (arteries, veins, and capillaries) are responsible for the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. The oxygen-rich blood enters the capillaries where the oxygen and nutrients are released. During systemic circulation, blood passes through the kidneys and liver. The kidneys and liver filter much of the body's harmful waste. Using your Cedrus Sauna enhances the process of delivering nutrients and oxygen along with the removal of waste...helping you to experience better health!


Improves Skin

Cedrus' deep penetrating heat helps you get that youthful glow. With all the ways available to reverse aging and to beautify your skin: chemical peels, microdermabrasion, masks, creams, lotions and exfoliation, you could spend a small fortune just to achieve the look you're hoping for. What do all these products and procedures claim? They either clean out your pores or moisturize your skin. When in your Cedrus Sauna, you're doing both. You're sweating out everything that's trapped deep within your pores including make-up and dirt that can cause blemishes. Because Cedrus' far-infrared penetrates deeply, your skin is moisturized while removing impurities through water and oil (liquid fat that's trapped beneath the skin) which, in turn, moisturizes your face, neck and body. While relaxing in your Cedrus Sauna, you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier, rejuvenated and more youthful complexion. Each sauna session will bring you closer to more radiant looking skin!

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