Not all heat is created equal

Everyone knows that right heat works wonders for the body. But creating this heat, and applying effectively, is both a science and an art. The typical human radiates infrared, or IR, at a wavelength of 6 - 8 microns. The challenge, then,  is to deliver heat that's tuned to our bodies for the optimum therapeutic effect. Previous attempts haven't quite gotten it right. Traditional saunas rely upon convection: that is, they heat up  the air to a stiffling 220 F - that's above the boiling point. The hot air heats the skin, which in turn tries to heat deeper within the body. Not only does this overheat the skin, but it creates a suffocating atmosphere that's almost impossible to breathe. It can feel claustrophobic, too.  Next came infrared saunas. These were a step in the right direction, but they weren't "tuned" to our bodies. It was up to Cedrus to make it all work right.

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